It would be crazy to try and open a restaurant (or do anything in the food services industry) without a good restaurant insurance policy for your Washington, DC restaurant.  The industry is fraught with peril, especially in our litigious society, but working in it is also a labor of love, and building a thriving business centered around great food is a dream for many.  You just need to make sure your dream is properly protected!

The catch is that everyone’s needs are different.  There’s no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to finding the “right” restaurant insurance for your Washington, DC restaurant.  If the current policies you’ve been evaluating have left you wanting, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help.

We’re an independent agency with decades of experience.  Since we’re independent, we’re not tied to the products of any one particular company, and as such, we can shop around for you after meeting with you to get a better understanding of what your needs are, ensuring that you get the perfect policy at a price you’ll love.

In general, a good, robust restaurant insurance policy for your Washington, DC location will include the following:

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance – Required by most states
  • General Liability Insurance – Absolutely essential, and covers the most common complaints that customers are likely to bring against you, including food-related illnesses and slips and falls
  • Food Contamination – to replace the contents of your freezer, should the power go out for days on end, or any related loss to your inventory
  • Property Liability – Protects your building and its contents in the event of fire or similar event

This covers the basics, but of course, there are other elements to consider as well.  Note that not all of these may be applicable in your particular situation. Just pick and choose the ones that do apply, and we can make sure that the policy we build for you includes them all:

  • Auto Liability – Important if you have one or more company vehicles
  • Liquor Liability – Only important if you have a liquor license
  • Business Loss Insurance – A catchall that covers scenarios that cause you to lose sales, this is designed to help you at least break even under certain predefined conditions.  This kind of policy could mean the difference between breaking even and facing a potentially catastrophic loss
  • Specific Peril Insurance – You may not need this rider on the restaurant insurance policy you select for your Washington, DC restaurant.  Mostly it depends on what kind of threat you feel it’s necessary to protect against

The bottom line is, constructing the “right” policy for your business can be a daunting task if you try to go it alone.  Having a seasoned expert on your side to help guide your thinking can make the process a whole lot easier.

Our agents are standing by, and we’d love to help!