Restaurant Insurance: Who Needs It?

The restaurant industry is fraught with risks that can result in financial devastation for the business owner. From food-borne illnesses and kitchen accidents, to slips and falls, all of which create the potential for crisis for employee and customer alike. As a restaurateur, you understand the need to be protected from a vast variety of possible mishaps which can occur at any given moment. As such, you require the best possible protection for yourself, your employees, and customers.

Ashcraft Associates Offer the Best Quotes from Top Carriers

Ashcraft Associates Insurance Agency understands that your restaurant policy requirements are particular to you and your business. Our insurance agents are among the best and most well-respected in the industry, and are here to help you achieve the finest restaurant insurance coverage in the Washington, DC area. They are well aware that there is no ‘quick-fix’ for all restaurant insurance needs. They understand the specific requirements of those in the food industry, and are quite knowledgeable regarding Virginia’s regulations concerning the food business.

Ashcraft Associates is an independent insurance agency. This means that once you contact one of our professional, independent insurance agents, you’ll be offered only the very best food industry insurance policies from various providers such as Liberty Mutual, CNA Surety, Safeco, EMC, Erie, Progressive, Accident Fund, AIC, United Healthcare, Travelers and Donegal.

Customized, Comprehensive Coverage for Your Business

Since the insurance needs of each restaurant business vary, so will your premiums. Factors such as whether or not you include alcohol on the menu, or whether you are a brick and mortar restaurant or a catering business all affect the type of policy you receive, as well as the premium. In general a basic restaurant insurance policy should cover worker’s compensation, property, general liability, business income and food spoilage. There is no question, that by enrolling with Ashcraft Associates Insurance, you’ll be the recipient of prime, affordable restaurant insurance coverage, the best in the Washington, DC area.

One more thing: You’re in control with Ashcraft. In order to ensure you obtain the best possible coverage for your business at the lowest possible cost, our independent agents will assess your particular needs, and work to fit you with the policy which offers you the coverage suits your business. The final choice, however, belongs to you. This means our agents will never apply pressure to encourage you to select one mode of coverage over another. We believe in building strong bonds with our clients, and a big part of that is supporting and respecting your final decision.

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Experience the ultimate in restaurant insurance coverage in Washington, DC. Feel free to contact us at (703)354-3501 to speak with one of our independent insurance agents, and schedule an appointment today. If you’d prefer to obtain a direct, secure quote via email, then visit our website at Once there, you’ll be able to request a secure insurance quote, delivered straight to your email box.