Does it seem like there’s a new eatery on every corner these days? As the area becomes more and more crowded, more entrepreneurial cooks are stepping up to keep them fed. All you need is a space, some tables and chairs, and a good cook, right? Wrong. Don’t open up until you get all the insurance coverage you need.

Can’t afford it? Think again. You can’t afford not to have insurance. With the right help from the independent team here at Ashcraft Associates, you can find the exact type of coverage your new restaurant requires, at a price that fits your budget. We survey a variety of restaurant insurance companies for your business in Washington, D.C. to find the best fit.

Many new owners don’t realize the wide range of coverage is required in today’s competitive food service field, including:

  • General liability
  • Business income and business property
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Food spoilage

Because we’re independent insurance agents at Ashcraft, we are limited to the products of just one company. We can check the coverage available from companies all over the country. We have years of expertise in all aspects of business insurance and can help you find precisely the coverage you need. We’ll steer you away from what you don’t need to save you money.

In Washington, D.C., coverage offered by restaurant insurance companies varies widely. So do their monthly premiums. When you take the time to really investigate what is available, you can find a good match in coverage and for your budget.

But time is exactly what you don’t have, not when you’re trying to open and run a restaurant. That’s what we’re here for, to take on the hassle of reading policies and comparing rates. We have the training and expertise to decipher the insurance jargon, which we will then explain to you in plain English. When you work with an Ashcraft agent, you’re assured of getting quality coverage at the best possible price.

Ashcraft is an independent insurance agency. Our people check policies from a wide range of companies to find the most suitable match for your needs at the lowest possible rates. An agent will work closely with you, tailoring your insurance exactly to your requirements. We advocate for your business, not for the insurance company. We are objective in our analyses and upfront about costs and data.

Ashcraft is an expert in the restaurant business insurance field. Trust us to find a policy that protects your eatery and doesn’t break your budget. When you work with our licensed agents, you know they represent you, not the insurer.

Call Ashcraft Associates today to find out more about rates and coverage from a variety of restaurant insurance companies in Washington, D.C.