Businesses that serve alcohol need an insurance policy to protect themselves against patrons who consume too much. The actions taken by a customer or guest who leaves a venue can come back to cause trouble for the bar or restaurant that last served them. A Washington D.C. liquor liability insurance policy can protect those businesses and also those that create or distribute alcohol. Even companies that merely sponsor an event that serves alcohol can find themselves held responsible after someone is arrested or injured.

In response to recent drunk driving incidents, more states have lowered the blood alcohol content level that determines legal impairment. Much more are considering it or are actively pushing the legislation. These changes are already showing an increase in arrests for DUI along with an increase in the number of lawsuits filed by the accused and convicted drunk drivers against the businesses that served them alcohol.

It is not only the bars, clubs, and restaurants, and bars that need Washington D.C. liquor liability insurance. Large venues that host weddings are also at risk when serving alcohol purchased by the party renting the hall. After several drinks, family members and guests may decide to object to the union after all. These individuals can cause the same problems both inside the reception hall and outside of it after being thrown out as someone who ejected for offending other patrons at a Georgetown bar.

You might think that the person ejected from the bar or hall should pay, be arrested, or both for their actions after losing their self-control. That happens in most cases, but the civil courts are getting more involved every year. The groomsman who went from the reception to the emergency room wants someone to pay for the stitches over his eye. In the worst cases, grieving family members want everyone who is to blame for the loss of a family member to pay.

Not surprisingly, the person responsible for all of the damage is trying to shift the blame. It is not isolated, more people every year file lawsuits against the business whom they claim, negligently served them alcohol and are the real culprits. In a lot of these cases, the individual also smears the business by filing assault charges and sues for personal harm if it was necessary to remove him from the venue forcibly.

Ashcraft Associates recommends a liquor liability policy that protects you personally as well as your business from these actions. We have written these policies and others for almost thirty years and want to protect your business with a Washington D.C. liquor liability insurance policy to cover your fees, fines, court costs, and especially from the grossly inflated civil judgments often delivered by juries and even some judges.

If you are not certain if your liability coverage is sufficient, call the Ashcraft Associates Insurance Agency offices today at (703) 354-3501. We can immediately schedule a review of your policy and help you either add to it or draw up a new one.