Garage Insurance In Washington, DC

Do you have a need for garage insurance in Washington, DC?  Quite possibly!  Do you own any of the following types of businesses?:

  • A shop that specializes in tire and oil changes
  • A gas station with a service bay
  • An auto repair shop
  • A dealership (new or used vehicles)
  • Or a boat, RV, motorcycle, or golf cart dealership

The list above isn’t all-inclusive, but if you own any of these, then the answer is yes!  You need garage insurance in Washington, DC.

You might think you can get by with just a “regular” liability policy, but due to the particular nature of the business you’re in, you’ll be much better suited by buying a garage insurance policy, because the types of things they cover (standard liability versus garage insurance in Washington, DC) are quite different.

In simplest terms, a garage policy protects you in three different ways:

  • If one of your employees gets hurt on the job
  • If there’s damage to your building or your equipment
  • And if there’s damage to company-owned vehicles

A standard liability policy isn’t nearly as comprehensive.

One key thing to point out here though, is the fact that garage insurance in Washington, DC specifically does not cover or protect the vehicles your customers leave in your care.  To cover those, you need a second type of policy known as “Garage Keepers Insurance.”

This has everything to do with the way the insurance laws were written.  Garage Liability Insurance created a loophole that excludes vehicles owned by your customers, which necessitated the invention of Garage Keepers Insurance in the first place.

If all that makes your head spin, you’re not alone, but don’t worry.  We can help!

Ashcraft Associates is an independent insurance agency with decades of experience.  Because we’re independent, we’re not beholden to a specific insurance company, which gives us the freedom and flexibility to shop around on your behalf after coming to an understanding of the specific needs of your business.

By reaching out to a number of companies, we can assemble an array of quotes, then help you compare and contrast until we single out the perfect policy for you, offered at the perfect price.

We do a lot more than just handle business insurance though, so if you need to set up an employee policy, buy personal insurance for yourself, or need help managing your investments, we’ve got you covered!

It pays to have a knowledgeable expert on your side and in your corner when dealing with anything insurance related, and we are that expert.  As the area’s top rated independent insurance agency, we stand ready to assist you, whatever your insurance needs might be.

You’ve worked hard to build your business.  Let us work for you to ensure that it’s properly protected!