Looking for a great restaurant insurance quote in Virginia?  Finding the right policy at the right price can seem like an impossible task.  Not only do the prices vary insanely from one company to the next, but there are so many options.  How do you know what kind of coverage you need? How do you know which options will increase the price of your restaurant insurance quote in Virginia?

The good news is that you don’t have to go through the process alone.  We can help. As an independent insurance agency, we’re not tied to one particular company and a narrow range of products.  That gives us the freedom and flexibility to reach out to multiple companies, shopping around for you to make sure you’ve got a variety of restaurant insurance quote in Virginia to evaluate and ensuring that you get the coverage you need at the best price possible.

So what makes a “good” restaurant insurance policy?

The answer to that question varies from one business owner to the next, but ultimately it comes down to finding the policy that protects you against the things you’re most concerned about, and the biggest potential threats to your business.  If you own a restaurant, consider these to be top priority where insurance is concerned:

  • Workers’ Compensation – This is required by law in most states.  The national average is about $100 per employee, per month, which makes it one of the biggest insurance expenses you’ll face.
  • Food Contamination Insurance – Not something you want to be without, if you work in the food services industry.  If you lose power to your freezer, the cost of replacing its contents can really hurt your bottom line. Not good.
  • General Liability – A policy that protects you against the most common types of suits customers bring against restaurants.  These include things like slips, falls and food-related illnesses.
  • Property Liability – Protecting your building and physical assets from potential dangers.  Also a must-have.

Besides these, there are other elements that drive the price of your restaurant insurance quote in Virginia higher.  These include things like:

  • Specific Peril Insurance – If you’re worried about a specific hazard not covered by other types of insurance (flood, earthquake, etc.), this is something you’re going to want to add to your policy.
  • Auto Liability Insurance – Only necessary if you’ve got one or more vehicles registered as company vehicles
  • And Loss of Business Insurance – Which protects you if you lose sales by way of a specific, predefined threat.  This policy can help you recoup a portion of those losses, which can turn a disaster into a bad, but survivable event.

If you’re not sure exactly what kind of protection you need (or how much) give us a call today and let’s make sure you’re well protected!