Restaurant Insurance Coverage, It’s Necessity and Benefits

If you own and run an establishment that serves food and beverages, you know how necessary it is to have comprehensive commercial business coverage specifically tailored for the restaurant business. After all, accidents and untoward events happen, and when they do, you want to make sure your bottom line remains intact, and your business can continue to function as smoothly as possible.

New to the Food Industry? Then you Need to be Insured

Don’t think that just because you have a simple, corner hot dog stand, that you can pass up getting insured. After all, just one case of food borne illness, and you could lose everything you’ve worked so hard to build. No matter if you’re selling cotton candy on the corner, or running a large 5 star, Michelin dining establishment, you need to be financially protected against events which can hurt your business. Food service establishments requiring coverage include:

  • Taverns
  • Cafeterias
  • Catering
  • Deli’s
  • Fast Food Franchise
  • Pizzerias
  • Food carts/trucks
  • Diners

Friendly, Courteous and Knowledgeable Agents

Ashcroft Associates Insurance Agency understands that individual restaurant insurance coverage needs vary on a case by case basis. As such, each and every client receives our personal and undivided attention when it comes to selecting the best coverage for their particular food establishment. Our insurance agents are professional, licensed, and well-versed regarding Virginia’s food and beverage regulations. This means that in your quest for the best restaurant insurance coverage in Virginia, you’ll be guided by knowledgeable, caring agents who only want the best for you and your business.

Ashcraft Associates operates as an independent insurance agency, which means that our agents are free to select policies from a variety of well-respected food and beverage insurance carriers. All of our agents are adept when it comes to the complexities of finding the right coverage, and this means you’ll only pay for the coverage you actually need, and will not pay for extras which do not apply to your situation.

What Our Clients Say

Whether you’re just starting out, or in the market to enhance or replace your current protection, know that Ashcraft Associates offer you the absolute best restaurant Insurance coverage available in Virginia.

“Bob Reilly at Ashcraft is spot on. He has personally handled my business and personal insurance needs for over 25 years. Always with my best interest in mind!”  

Michael Fortune, VA

“Fantastic insurance experts willing to help those in both personal and commercial lines. Great customer service…I love that they don’t just rely on one person to work on your account. At the moment they have four customer service agents who are great with customers. Great company!”

Sierra B. Fairfax, VA via Yelp  

Contact Us Today

Rest assured that our agents will never pressure you when it comes to selecting the right restaurant insurance coverage for you. If you have any questions or concerns, or want to find out more about how our restaurant insurance coverage in Virginia can benefit you and your business, contact us at (703)354-3501 and talk with one of our friendly independent insurance agents today. You may also secure a direct quote by using the form on our website. Simply enter your email address and answer a few, quick and simple questions.