Every business that serves alcohol should have a robust insurance policy as protection against customers who consume too much and then cause trouble, or leave and cause problems for anyone who crosses their path. The need for liquor liability insurance in Virginia is also there for every business that makes or distributes alcohol. Even companies that only sponsor an event that serves alcohol can find themselves in need of this policy when someone is injured or worse.

With so many states now approving or at least considering, lowering the blood alcohol content level that determines intoxication, it is more important than ever to protect your business. This change in the law can only increase the number of people arrested for DUI and result in an increase in the number of lawsuits already filed against the bar or restaurant that served the individual who was later arrested.

More businesses than just restaurants, clubs, and bars need a Virginia liquor liability insurance policy. A large venue that hosts weddings is also at risk of a lawsuit. If a guest or a member of the family has too much to drink and decides it is not too late to object to the ceremony, they can cause a scene, be ejected from the venue and then go out and get arrested just as if they were in a bar on Friday night.

In each case, the person arrested should bear the brunt of their actions after losing control of themselves. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The people who are injured in a fight at a wedding or struck by a drunk driver are searching for deep pockets to pay their hospital bills, legal fees, and sometimes even to bury a family member.

Worse, the individual arrested for driving intoxicated or starting the fight is filing his lawsuits. He is claiming that the business who served him was negligent and should be held responsible as much or more than he. The person may even file assault charges against the bar or club for throwing him out for his behavior. These extended court costs and force a business owner to close their doors.

That is why Ashcraft Associates strongly recommends a liquor liability policy that goes beyond what the state requires. We can draft a policy which handles your court costs and legal fees while also protecting your business against excessive civil judgments often handed down by juries. We can draw up a new Virginia liquor liability insurance policy, or attach a new section to an existing policy.

To protect your business from an intoxicated customer or attendee at a sponsored event, you need to have not just the right kind of insurance, but the right amount as well. Call Ashcraft Associates Insurance Agency at (703) 354-3501 today to review your current liability limits and make certain your coverage is enough.