In Virginia, electrical contractors insurance can keep your business safe from problems on the job. All construction work is high risk, and electrical jobs even more so. You are dealing on a regular basis with live wires, malfunctioning voltage equipment and other hazards. Adequate coverage is a necessity if you want to protect your assets.

If you do government jobs, you can’t even bid until you show proof of adequate coverage. But what type of features does your policy need to include for your specific type of work? It can be confusing for anyone who doesn’t work in insurance to understand the wording on a standard policy. And then there’s the whole matter of rates. How do you find the most competitive rates while not limiting your coverage?

You know electricity as an expert. But you don’t know insurance. The solution is to find an expert in electrical contractors insurance in Virginia. You want someone who can explain a policy in plain English, find the most comprehensive coverage, and at a rate your business can handle. This type of research needs attention to detail, experience and training.

That’s why so many local contractors choose an independent agent at Ashcraft Associates. Independent means he works for you and your business. He has access to a wide range of policies with insurers around the country. He can find the best match with a comprehensive policy that meets your business needs.

All contractor insurance covers certain basics, like:

  • Coverage for court costs and lawyer fees
  • Coverage for judgment costs and damages
  • Protection for your workers and your business
  • Protection from business and individual claims
  • Protection from injury and property damage claims

But each policy put out by individual insurers has variations, limits and exclusions. When you have an Ashcraft Associate independent agent by your side, you have someone with your best interests at heart. He will explain your policy choices and find the best coverage based on your business requirements and your budget.

You simply can’t get this level of customized care from a company insurance agent. He has access to the policies of a single insurer—and that insurer also sets the rates. When you choose an independent agent from Ashcraft, your options open wide. You get the most effective coverage based on research into many policies, not one. The rate you pay is competitive.

Ashcraft Associates has earned a reputation for helping businesses in the local area get smart protection at a reasonable rate. Your agent works for you and with you to ensure that your business is completely covered from the risks inherent in the construction trade.

Call Ashcraft Associates today to find out more about the best electrical contractors insurance in Virginia for your business.