If you’re looking for the perfect insurance policy to protect your business, it pays to get multiple restaurant insurance quotes in Maryland.  Prices can vary widely from one company to the next, and the final monthly cost of your policy is depends on exactly what you want to have covered.

Here are some of the major factors that can, and will influence your restaurant insurance quote in the state of Maryland:

  • Workers’ Compensation – This is required by law in most states, so there’s no getting around it.  While prices vary from state to state, the national average is about $100 per month, per employee.
  • Property Liability – While it won’t add enormously to your restaurant insurance quote in Maryland, this is crucial, because it’s the means by which you protect your building and your various business assets.
  • General Liability – This is a catch all policy that protects you against the most common suits customers tend to bring against restaurants.  It covers things like slips, falls, and food-related illnesses.
  • Food Contamination – No restaurant owner should be without this type of coverage.  The first time your freezer goes out on you, either on its own, or due to a widespread power outage and you lose a big portion of your inventory, you’ll be very glad you’re protected!

While these are the major drives that push the price of your restaurant insurance quote in Maryland up, there are some other types of coverages you may want to consider.  Of course, these will add more to your monthly premiums, but if you need them, you need them.

These include things like:

  • Specific Peril Insurance – if you’re worried about a threat to your business that isn’t covered by property liability.
  • And Loss of Business Insurance – This type of coverage protects you if you lose sales via a specific, predefined cause.  If you’re worried about a specific threat, you can hedge against it. This policy will help you weather the storm.

As you can see then, there’s a lot that goes into designing a good restaurant insurance policy, and lots of factors that contribute to your monthly premium.  Figuring out exactly what type of coverage you need can be a daunting task.

The good news is, that’s not something you have to do alone.  If you’re looking for an expert to help guide you, just call Ashcraft Associates.  We have a deep bench of talented agents with decades of experience. We can sit down with you to work out what your needs are, then cut through the clutter to find the perfect policy for you.

Since we’re an independent agency, we’re not beholden to any one company and a limited range of products.  We can shop around for you to ensure you get the best deal possible. When you’re ready to begin, we’ll be here, ready to assist!