The Financial Protection You Need at Rates You Can Afford

When you own and operate a hospitality business, be it a tavern, restaurant, catering business, cafeteria, pizzeria, franchise, food truck or deli, it’s essential that you financially protect yourself against any and all mishaps which can occur. These misfortunes can include anything from worker or customer injuries, storm damage, food spoilage, or delivery vehicle breakdowns.

Whatever the cause, you’ll need the proper restaurant insurance coverage to sustain you while you deal with the particulars of the event, and that’s just what you get when you engage the services of Ashcraft Associates. At Ashcraft you’re guaranteed to receive the optimum in restaurant insurance coverage in Maryland.

Secure, Customized Policy Protection Plan Just for You

No two restaurant enterprises are exactly alike, and that’s why you need to speak with a professionally trained agent who understands the special requirements of the industry, in order to help you navigate through this complex system. As an independent insurance agency, our agents are able to craft the perfect policy for your needs, by offering you quotes from the top restaurant insurance carriers in the country, including:

  • Liberty Mutual
  • CNA Surety
  • Safeco, EMC
  • Erie
  • Progressive
  • Accident Fund
  • AIC
  • United Healthcare
  • Travelers
  • Donegal

At Ashcraft, your needs matter. We understand the unique coverage requirements of the food and beverage industry, as well as the food service industry regulations set forth by the great state of Maryland. Let the expertise of our independent agents put your mind at ease when it comes to creating the perfect financial protection plan for you. They’ll take into account factors such as the need for liquor liability, food spoilage, workmen’s compensation, general liability, commercial auto insurance, as well as any other coverage you may require.

Once an agent has assessed your individual restaurant coverage needs, they’ll work to generate a customized protection plan and do it at the lowest possible rates. The overall cost of your premium will depend on a number of factors, such as whether or not you serve alcohol, your location, the type of dining establishment you maintain, and your claim history. In the end, you make the final decision regarding the type of coverage you receive.

Contact Us for More Information or a Quote

Are you in the market for restaurant insurance coverage in Maryland, or do you have a question or two regarding the type of coverage we offer, or wish to request a quote? If so, feel free to contact our office at (703)354-3501 to speak with one of our knowledgeable, independent insurance agents. If you prefer, secure quotes can be obtained via our website at, simply enter your contact information and the type of coverage you’re interested in to receive a secure quote.

We’ve built a solid reputation by supplying the ultimate in restaurant insurance coverage in Maryland, for well over 20 years. Whether you’re looking to replace your current restaurant insurance coverage, or are starting a food and beverage establishment up from scratch, with Ashcraft Associates, you’ll be among those who understand what it is you need, by people you can trust.