Every business that serves alcohol must have an insurance policy as protection against intoxicated customers. When someone who drinks too much and then either deliberately or through negligence, break the law and causes harm, their actions can come back to cause problems for the business or last served them. Maryland liquor liability insurance policies also protect businesses that make or distribute alcohol. Even companies that only sponsors an event which serves alcohol can find themselves in court after someone is arrested, injured or worse.

More states across the country have approved lowering or are considering passing the legislation to lower the blood alcohol content level that determines legal intoxication. This response to recent drunk driving deaths makes it very important to protect your business. Changes in the laws are already seeing an increase in DUI arrests. There is also an increase in the number of lawsuits filed against the establishments that served the convicted individual for negligence.

It is not only clubs, restaurants, and bars that need Maryland liquor liability insurance. Large venues that host weddings are also at risk of a lawsuit. If a guest or a member of the family becomes intoxicated, that person is usually removed if they start a brawl with another guest or simply embarrass the new couple. Once they leave, that person can easily get into the same trouble as if he or she was bounced from a bar after Saturday night happy hour.

Of course, the person ejected or arrested should pay for their own mistakes after drinking too much, but this is becoming less the norm each year. The victims who had to go to the emergency room from the wedding reception want someone to pay their medical bills. Worse, the family members of the person struck by a drunk driver are looking for burial costs.

Incredibly, the person who caused the havoc either does not accept the blame for his actions or tries to say it is not all his fault. He is filing his lawsuit against the venue which served him and then claims that they were negligent in throwing him out after becoming belligerent. The same person often tries to file assault and battery charges if he was forcibly removed. The court costs and legal fees alone can force a business owner to close her doors.

These are real examples and why Ashcraft Associates recommends having a liquor liability policy that protects your business and you individually. We can create a policy to cover your court costs, legal fees, and even protect your business from ridiculous civil judgments often handed down by juries. We can do this with a new Maryland liquor liability insurance policy or attach a new policy to your old one.

You need to protect your business from intoxicated customers and frivolous lawsuits with a carefully drawn up insurance policy. If you are unsure of your level of coverage, contact the Ashcraft Associates Insurance Agency at (703) 354-3501 today to schedule a review of your policy. We are here to help you.