Do you need garage insurance in Maryland?  If you run one of the following businesses, you almost certainly do!

  • An auto dealership
  • An auto repair shop
  • A shop that specializes in doing oil changes or changing tires
  • A dealership that specializes in golf carts, boats, RVs, or motorcycles

Basically, if you’re in any kind of business that deals with automobiles or transportation in general, a good rule of thumb is to assume you need it, and double check to be sure.

You should know too that a “regular” liability policy isn’t sufficient.  Due to the particular nature of the kinds of businesses mentioned above, a garage insurance policy in Maryland is a necessity.

The key difference lies in the scope and breadth of the coverage provided.  A garage insurance policy in Maryland will provide protection for you if one of your employees gets hurt on the job, it’ll protect your place of business and the equipment inside it, and it’ll protect any shop-owned vehicles you might have as well.

Note that the one thing garage insurance in Maryland specifically doesn’t protect are the vehicles belonging to your customers.

That matters because of course, accidents happen, and your customers are counting on you to safeguard their vehicles while they’re in your care, but if Garage Insurance doesn’t do it, then what does?

For that, you need a separate policy known as “Garage Keepers Insurance.”

The reason two policies are needed lies in the way the insurance was designed.  Garage Insurance has a loophole that specifically excludes customer vehicles left in your care, which in turn requires a separate policy to fill in the intentionally left gap.

Confused yet?  Don’t be!  Just give us a call when you’re ready to talk about your insurance needs.

We’re an independent agency, which means that we’re not tied or beholden to any one company.  That gives us the freedom and flexibility to shop around on your behalf, once we have a firm understanding of your insurance needs.

We can then present you with a range of options, and help you evaluate which one is the best overall fit for you, both in terms of price and coverage.  Ready to get started?  We’ll be here when you need us!