Despite the growth in popularity of food trucks as a way to secure a quick bite while on the go, Food truck vendors in Washington, DC are facing some of the toughest regulations of any mobile vendor in any state. With regulations this tough and complex, only the best insurance agency will do when navigating this complex web. When it comes to food truck insurance in Washington, DC, Ashcraft can handle the job.

In order to give you peace of mind, so you can devote yourself to your passion, Ashcraft Associates employ a crack team of stellar independent insurance agents who do all the hard work for you. Indeed, Ashcraft is well known among mobile vendors as providing the best food truck insurance in Washington, DC. If you are unsure if you fit into this scenario, know that as long as you engage a mobile unit to sell food and/or beverages, such as a food cart or vehicle, you’ll require coverage. Examples of mobile vending units include:

  • Taco trucks
  • Ice cream trucks
  • Mobile catering units
  • Hot dog carts
  • Event and festival food vans

How Does it Work?

The agents who work for Ashcraft are known as independent agents. This means that they are not connected to any one insurance carrier. Instead, each agent works independently with a group of hand-picked, first class insurance carriers in order to find the quote the works the best for your particular situation. First, they assess your business, meticulously making note of each and every detail. Next, they proceed to make inquiries to various vendors to obtain quotes. Finally, these quotes are presented to you, the client, to make the final decision. This way, you not only get the coverage you want and need, but also at a competitive price.

Comprehensive, One of a Kind Coverage for Your Business

As the proprietor of a food truck, you should be aware of the basic coverage available to you. This usually includes general liability insurance, commercial vehicle coverage, and workers compensation. Depending on the type of vehicle you own, the food you serve, and location, there may be additional options available to you. For instance, if your mobile kitchen serves beer or other alcoholic refreshments, you’ll be in need of liquor liability coverage, or if you plan on attending festivals, you may require some form of festival and event coverage. Also, don’t forget the commercial vehicle insurance. This is necessary to help cover any incidents which involve your food truck, such as accidents, equipment failures, or repairs.

Experience the Peace of Mind Only Excellent Coverage Can Provide, Contact Us Today

To enjoy the freedom of having the best food truck insurance in Washington, DC, feel free to contact us at (703)354-3501 to discuss the matter with one of our independent insurance agents. Secure quotes are also available via email by visiting our website. The every day trials of operating a mobile vending unit can be time consuming, so you need all the help you can get. After all, in the realm of unforeseen events, anything can happen. This means you need the best possible insurance coverage available, and you get that with Ashcraft.