While a condominium association commonly provides insurance for the building structure and common areas such as pools and exercise rooms, each owner is responsible for obtaining insurance on their individual condominium.

A condominium owner’s insurance policy provides financial protection for the condominium unit and the personal property of the policyholder. Most importantly, this insurance protects the condo owner’s personal liability for injuries or damage to others that are covered under the policy.

Auto insurance is a contractual agreement between you and the insurance company you select. They provide you with property, liability and medical insurance coverage should you or your vehicle cause or incur property damage or bodily injury. In exchange, you pay your premiums and meet the contract terms and any deductibles.

In Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia automobile liability coverage is required by law to operate any motorized vehicle on public roadways since the driver is legally liable for bodily injury or property damage caused by their actions.

In the event you are in a vehicle accident auto collision coverage reimburses you for vehicle repairs or the expense to restore property damage caused by your vehicle.

Comprehensive vehicle coverage will payout a reimbursement to compensate you for losses from fire, theft and other “unforeseen” perils. It is common for financial lenders to require comprehensive coverage as a condition of your auto financing.

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