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Located in the in the lovely, lush green city of Alexandria, Ashcraft Associates Insurance Agency has been assisting clients in Virginia since 1980. Established by Bob R., Ashcraft has been a mainstay in the professional landscape of Virginia, providing restaurateurs with unrivaled financial protection when it comes to insuring the thriving businesses upon which they depend. Currently sporting an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Ashcraft continues to strive to provide it’s clientele with the ultimate in business protection, offering the best restaurant insurance coverage in Alexandria, VA.

Those of you who own and operate food and beverage establishments, are well aware of the minefield of obstacles which are involved in the day-to-day handling of restaurant business operations. Ashcraft Associates Insurance Agency understands these concerns, and has proudly served some of the best hospitality establishments in Alexandria, allowing them to achieve peace of mind, knowing that no matter what the future holds, the business they’ve worked so hard for, is secure.

Providing Affordable Assistance You Need, When You Need It

As a business owner, you are mindful of the risks involved when it comes to running a hospitality establishment, and the need to entrust the future of your business to a trustworthy insurer that you can depend on when the time comes. Food and beverage establishments require different risk management solutions than other business models. This often includes general liability coverage, workmen’s compensation, property insurance and loss of income protection. Additional coverage may be necessary depending on the location of your restaurant, whether or not you serve alcohol, or require a vehicle. In such cases liquor liability and commercial vehicle protection will be suggested.

Allow the professionally trained, expert insurance agents of Ashcraft to create a financial protection plan which gives you the protection you need, at a premium you can afford. As our agents are independent, they are free to offer you quotes from some of the top names in insurance carriers, such as Travelers, Erie, Donegal, Liberty Mutual, CNA Surety, United Healthcare, EMC, AIC, and Safeco. Let our skilled agents provide you with the perfect, customized, comprehensive, restaurant insurance coverage for your establishment in Alexandria, VA.

Ashcraft prides itself with being able to offer you an affordable plan designed to suit your budget. That being said, know that insurance premiums for restaurant businesses may be affected by a number of factors. These may include how many years the business has been in operation, annual revenue, whether you serve alcohol, the number of customers served, and the number of employees on staff. Your claims history and type of food and beverage establishment are also considered when determining the rates.

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When you do business with Ashcraft Associates Insurance Agency, you can rest assured that your insurance needs will be considered with great care and attention. All of our independent insurance agents are licensed, and driven to serve your best interests, to help you succeed, and to have peace of mind. It’s our task, to ensure that you receive the best restaurant insurance coverage in Alexandria, VA, at the most reasonable rates available. Contact us today, at (703) 354-3501, or visit our website for more information, and to answer any further questions or concerns you may have.