What are the biggest drivers of restaurant insurance cost in Alexandria, VA?

Far and away, the single biggest one is Workers’ Comp insurance.  Nationwide, this averages about $100 per employee, so the more employees you’ve got on your payroll, the more you’ll feel the pinch here.

While that might be the biggest individual driver, it’s certainly not the only one.  Here are some of the other common insurance provisions. The more of these you have (and you need many of them) the higher your total monthly premium will be:

  • General Liability – a medium sized driver of restaurant insurance cost in Alexandria, VA, this one is absolutely essential, especially these days, given how quick some people are to file a lawsuit against a business.  This policy will help protect you against the most common types of customer complaints against restaurants: slips and falls, and food-related illnesses
  • Property Liability – A no-brainer.  You need to protect your business assets from damage, and this is the way you do that
  • Food Contamination and Spoilage – The first time your freezer goes out in the middle of the night, you’ll be very glad you’ve got this one!  It’s not a huge driver of restaurant insurance cost in Alexandria, VA, but should be considered essential

Aside from these, which should be considered critical components of any robust policy, there are a number of other things you can add that will cover and protect against specific threats.  Each business owner’s needs are different, so don’t be at all surprised if you don’t need all of these. Just focus on the ones you do need and design your policy around those:

  • Auto Liability – This one only matters if you’ve got one or more vehicles registered as company vehicles.  Then, it matters very much indeed.
  • Specific Peril Policy – You may not need this, but if there’s a threat you’re concerned about that your property liability policy doesn’t cover, this is what you need.  It’s a minor driver of restaurant insurance cost in Alexandria, VA, but depending on where your business is located, it could be vital
  • Loss of Business Insurance – As with the specific peril policy, not everyone needs this, but if you fear the loss of sales due to some specific event, this policy will help you weather that storm, should it hit

Are you confused yet?

You’re not alone.  Finding the “right” insurance policy for your business can be a daunting task.  The good news though, is that you don’t have to go it alone. Just call Alexandria VA’s #1 independent insurance agency and we’ll be happy to help you navigate the maze of insurance options and find the perfect policy for you.

Since we’re an independent agency, we’re not limited to one specific company’s products.  We work for you, sifting through the offerings of multiple companies to find a policy that perfectly matches your needs.

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