Any business that serves alcohol needs insurance protection against the actions of customers who over-indulge and then go out to cause or get themselves into trouble. The need for liquor liability insurance in Alexandria, VA is also present for businesses that make or distribute alcohol and even those that sponsor an event which serves it.

This is particularly important now, since many states are approving or considering, lowering the blood alcohol content level necessary to be arrested for DUI. This can increase the number of people arrested and may result in lawsuits directed against the bar or restaurant that served the arrested individual.

An Alexandria, VA liquor liability insurance policy is needed for many more businesses than just bars and restaurants. A large venue that hosts weddings is also at risk of a lawsuit in case a guest or a member of the family has too much to drink and decides it is not too late to object to the ceremony after all.

In both of these examples, it is reasonable to believe that the person who was intoxicated and broke the law should be punished for their lack of self-control. This is not the case now in many of these incidents. The people who are injured in these cases are looking for someone else to pay when the person who threw a punch got behind the wheel of their car cannot cover hospital bills, legal fees, and pain and suffering. At the same time, the individual arrested for DUI or public intoxication can now go to court to try and prove that the bar or restaurant over-served him and did not exercise good judgement in letting him leave their establishment in his own automobile.

This is why it is so important that every business which deals in alcohol protects itself. At Ashcraft Associates, we can draft a policy which covers the owner’s legal fees, court costs, property damage and other civil judgements handed down by a judge. Our independent agents can draft an Alexandria, VA liquor liability insurance policy as a new product, or attach it to an existing general liability policy.

We can also help fight any criminal prosecutions related to one of these incidents. That may surprise some owners, but it is not uncommon for a person who was refused further alcohol and escorted out of an establishment to file an assault charge out of petty revenge. In a protracted court case, a business can quickly lose everything and have no choice but to declare bankruptcy just to survive.

It is important that any business which makes, distributes, serves, or sponsors the serving of alcohol understands the local laws that govern their operation. To protect your business when someone drinks too much, you also need the right insurance policy that meets those requirements. Call Ashcraft Associates Insurance Agency at (703) 354-3501 today for a new policy, or to make certain your current policy is up-to-date.