The right general contractor insurance policy in Alexandria, VA, will keep your business safe in the high-risk construction field. The team at Ashcraft Associates has been helping businesses just like yours for many years navigate the complex area of contractor’s insurance. Businesses trust Ashcraft become of the company’s commitment to help you get the most comprehensive coverage available at the best possible rate.

General contractor insurance covers a wide range, including injury, accident and property damage on the job. You need it to protect your workers, your business and your assets. In fact, you can’t even bid on many government jobs until you provide proof that you have adequate coverage.

But what is adequate coverage for your specific company? Insurance is a notoriously complicated field. The regulations covering contractor insurance can be puzzling. Policies are written in language that is hard to decipher for those not in the insurance field.

To get the best coverage for you contractor business, and at a rate you can afford, you need help. That’s why so many in construction choose an independent agent at Ashcraft Associates. The team at Ashcraft has years of experience researching policies from a variety of insurers. As independent agents, we work for you. We aren’t restricted to the policies of just one insurer, like a company agent is. And we can find a range of price points for your coverage because one insurer isn’t dictating the price.

Ashcraft agents can check with the widest possible range of insurance companies to find the best match for your business. They can explain the different features of each policy in plain English, and make sure you have coverage required when you bid for different types of jobs.

General contractor insurance in Alexandria, VA, is a business necessity that gives you many benefits, in addition to peace of mind, including:

  • Protection for your workers and your business
  • Protection against damage to property and due to injury
  • Protection against business and individual claims
  • Coverage for costs and damages from a judgment
  • Coverage for lawyer fees and court costs

Ashcraft Associates has been helping businesses in the local community for many years. It has earned a reputation for attention to detail and really listening to your specific needs and concerns. An independent agent at Ashcraft works for you, not for an insurer. The agent is a valuable team member for your company who will make sure you have the insurance you need to stay in business whatever happens. We handle a wide range of insurance coverage, including business, homeowners, auto and life.

For an independent agent who will find the best general contractor insurance in Alexandria, VA, call Ashcraft Associates today.