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Jill N., Sterling, Virginia

According to, the food truck industry is a rapidly growing sector of the food and beverage industry, with a projected growth of over 2.7 billion dollars within the next 5 years. Along with the birth of this relatively new food and beverage industry, comes the need for financial protection against unforeseen mishaps and events. Just because you don’t have a brick and mortar establishment, does not mean that risks do not exist. Indeed, without the proper coverage, you risk loosing thousands, or perhaps even your entire mobile food business. Knowing how important the right coverage is for your food truck enterprise, know that Ashcraft Associates offers you the finest food truck insurance in Alexandria, VA,

Knowing the importance of having comprehensive coverage for your mobile kitchen unit, it’s time to select the best insurance carrier for your business. Whether you operate a lunch truck, ice cream truck, mobile catering unit or taco truck, let Ashcraft Associates Insurance Agency handle all of your food truck insurance needs. We are an independent insurance agency, which means we are not beholden to any one insurance carrier, so we are free to assess your needs, and research the best possible financial protection coverage at the best possible rate.

Customized Insurance for Your Food Truck Business

As an owner of a mobile food service establishment searching for customized food truck insurance in Alexandria, VA, consider Ashcraft your one-stop broker. With mobile food and beverage, expect the basic coverage to include general liability insurance, workers compensation, and commercial vehicle coverage. Optional coverage may include food spoilage, liquor liability, or loss of business income, which can happen if your truck is in for repairs, or becomes involved in an accident. As can be seen, no two food truck insurance policies are the same. However, no worries, as the independent insurance agents at Ashcraft are highly skilled and adept at obtaining the coverage which will suit your individual food truck needs.

In order to give you the comprehensive coverage you deserve at a price you can afford, the experts at Ashcraft Insurance consider the individual requirements of each mobile food business. These factors may include the type of food served, the type of vehicle, history of past claims, and the locations served. As our agents are independent, they can request insurance quotes from several of the top insurance carriers in the country, such as: Travelers, CNA Surety, Progressive, AIC, Donegal, EMC, and more. Once our agents supply you with the information you need, you’ll be able to compare each quote, in order to make an educated choice.

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If you’re looking for dependable and reliable mobile food business coverage, supplied by carriers you can trust, and handled by professional, licensed independent insurance agents, then look no further than Ashcraft. We are certain you’ll agree that they offer the most comprehensive and reasonable food truck insurance in Alexandria, VA. Feel free to contact us at (703)354-3501 and discuss the matter with one of our independent insurance agents. Secure quotes are also available via email by visiting our website.