In Alexandria, VA, electrical contractors insurance keeps your business and assets safe from problems on the job. It’s a high-risk field, like all areas of the construction trade. But it is rife with live wires, malfunctioning voltage sources and other safety challenges. The worst can happen.

Insurance is a necessity. In fact, you can’t even bid on many government jobs until you show proof of adequate insurance coverage. With insurance, you limit your liability and protect yourself in the case of accidents, injury and property damage. The right contractors insurance can also keep you safe from less obvious types of trouble. Did you know contractors insurance offers help in case of slander, libel and even copyright infringement in an advertisement?

The proper coverage for electrical contractors insurance in Alexandria, VA, covers these basic points:

  • Protection for your workers and your business
  • Protection from business and individual claims
  • Protection from injury and property damage claims
  • Coverage for court costs and lawyer fees
  • Coverage for damages and judgment costs

You are an expert electrician, but you are probably lost when you try to read a basic insurance policy. Do you wonder what language it is? You’re not alone. How does a businessman find the right coverage for the types of jobs he does? What features does he need to see in his policy? How can you find a rate you can afford?

All of these questions are natural for a contractor. The answer is to find a guide you trust to help you navigate the maze of regulations, policies and premiums. That’s why so many electrical contractors choose an independent insurance agent at Ashcraft Associates. The company has a reputation for attention to detail and really listening to your needs and concerns. When you choose an experienced agent from Ashcraft, you get a valuable team member for your business, one who is committed to seeing you have the insurance coverage you need to protect and grow your business.

An Ashcraft agent works for you. He researches policies from a wide range of insurers to find the features that best match your needs. He can explain what each policy covers in plain English and find competitive rates. Compare that to what happens when you work with a company insurance agent. He has access to just the policies available from a single insurer, who also dictates the premium. He works for the insurer, not for you.

By choosing Ashcraft Associates, you give your business the options it needs to get the best coverage available. And all at a competitive price.

Call Ashcraft Associates today to find out more about the best electrical contractors insurance in Alexandria, VA, for your business.